Timmons Law, PC, was featured in the July 2016 edition of the Oregon State Bar Bulletin. The article, which featured numerous law firms in the area, included profiles of Timmons Law attorneys, Kristen Campbell and Kiffanie Phillips. Below is an excerpt.

The Timmons Law Firm has offices in Hood River and The Dalles, where Kristen Campbell and Kiffanie Phillips both practice. Although they come from very different places, both are now in The Dalles for the same reason: the chance for a rewarding law practice and high-quality personal life.

Kristen A. Campbell, Attorney at LawCampbell previously worked at a larger regional law firm in Traverse City, Mich., where she found it increasingly difficult to be “the more traditional corporate lawyer” while simultaneously raising a young child. Proving that some divorces can indeed be amicable, she and her ex-husband set out to find a place with the right combination of professional opportunities for each, access to the outdoor activities they enjoy and a strong community with good schools for their son. Hood River rose to the top of the list, and the family relocated a few years ago. According to Campbell, “It’s the best of all worlds. We’re 30 minutes from the mountain, right on the river, and an hour from the city and airport.”

Campbell’s practice includes municipal law and transactional work, along with some general business and estate planning. The firm draws clients from the local area, neighboring counties in both Oregon and Washington, and even Portland. Campbell en-joys the wide variety of clients and legal work. Each of the firm’s lawyers has his or her own niche, which gives them a diverse skill set to draw from, but for the most part they work as a team, collaborating internally on most files.

Kiffanie PhilipsKiffanie Phillips developed her niche, Medicaid planning, while practicing with Thorp Purdy in Eugene. Professionally, she was very happy there: “I loved my colleagues, I loved my firm.” But she had a commute, her husband had a longer one, and once a child arrived, she decided they were all spending too much time in the car. So after a brief time in Tillamook with her husband’s family, they moved to Phillips’ home town, The Dalles, where her parents still live.

She has been living and working in The Dalles since February and says, “My commute time has just been annihilated. Day care is four minutes away and work is eight minutes away. When we pass a park on the way home from work, we can stop and play for a while and still get home for dinner in good time. My daughter wants to spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa all the time. My husband and I are thinking, what do we do? So we go out to dinner, without a 2-year-old in tow. My world has changed.”

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